Manitoulin Centennial Manor

Health Care Services

North East Local Health Integration Network

Nursing Staff and Care Plan:

Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers are under the direction of the Director of Care. Each plays an important role in providing care to the resident, and support to family members. Communication is encouraged among resident, staff and family members. The Charge Nurse is available to answer questions pertaining to nursing care within the Home. Personal Support Workers provide the hands on care to the resident. They assist the resident with all aspects of daily living activities, taking into consideration their specific needs.

A Care Plan is a thorough assessment of the resident, and it allows the nursing staff to know the resident’s needs and wishes, especially if the resident is new to the nurse providing care. A care plan is completed with your input directly upon admission and is revised as your needs change.

Caring for an individual is an ongoing process. Resident and family participation will constantly be encouraged and sought. If you have any further questions regarding care needs please contact your Charge Nurse and/or Director of Care.

Physician Care:

All residents are under the medical supervision of a physician. Upon admission to the Home you may want to keep your family doctor. This must be coordinated with the administrator, the physician and yourself, in order that the physician meets the Home’s standards. If you choose the facility physician, your doctor will transfer care to the physician within the Home.

We receive all the necessary documentation to provide us with a thorough medical history. Your contact person for any medical needs is the Charge Nurse on your floor. If you wish to visit or speak with the physician, contact the Charge Nurse.

The professional nursing staff dispenses medications, as ordered by your physician. Your physician may also refer you to professional services or therapies available in the community. The care team will assist you to receive the benefit of those services.

Residents do have the choice of their own physician, upon certain criteria being met. Please contact the Administrator or Director of Care before arrangements are made.

Pharmacy Services:

Medical Pharmacy in Sudbury provides pharmacy service and medications for Manitoulin Centennial Manor. The pharmaceutical services that they provide are very specialized and exceed that of your usual visit to a pharmacy. The practice of this specialty is highly regulated by the “Regulated Health Professions Act” and the “Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

The Clinical Consultant-Pharmacist visits the Home at regular intervals, to review the drug therapy of every resident. They make suggestions to the physicians regarding medication regimens, reducing medications where appropriate and ensuring optimum drug therapy for each individual resident. They monitor systems and medication administration procedures to ensure that the best quality pharmaceutical service is provided and resident well- being and safety is achieved.

All medications are dispensed from Medical Pharmacy, in a special strip packaging system, and are checked by pharmacists to ensure correctness and appropriateness. Drug allergies, drug interactions and adverse drug effects are carefully monitored. Where possible, the cost for all medications are billed to the Ontario Drug Benefit plan and any alternative drug plans, e.g. Blue Cross, Liberty Health, Green Shield, Shared Health, etc. Ensure that you have provided all information regarding drug coverage to the office Manager.

Medical Pharmacy will bill you for any medications or products, which are not covered by your drug plans after the nurse has obtained your consent. You will also be billed for all co-payments (including the Ontario Drug Benefit co-pay of $2.00 per prescription) and deductibles charged by the drug plan. Medical Pharmacy will send you regular statements. If you have any questions regarding these statements please telephone the pharmacy listed:

Medical Pharmacy

81 Larch Street

Sudbury, Ontario


Restorative Care:

Restorative Care is the provision of therapeutic services aimed at restoring or maintaining physical and or psychosocial abilities.

The Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy Aide, Restorative Care Aide, staff, family members, physician and resident can fill out a referral form. The Team will then assess the resident to determine whether or not they would be appropriate for the program. If the resident is appropriate for the program they will begin immediately. Residents are involved in the program for approximately 6 weeks and are then transferred to their primary care giver. The primary car giver is responsible for continuing the program.

Programs offered:

  • Walking programs
  • Upper and lower extremity exercises
  • Wheelchair mobility
  • Weight bearing
  • Transfer program
  • Heat therapy
  • Restorative eating
  • Balancing
  • Positioning


Residents entering our Home have individual dietary needs. To ensure nutritional care is provided, the Doctor’s diet order, resident’s religious or ethnic background and personal preferences are all identified.

Centennial Manor’s menu provides meals in accordance with established Policies and Procedures and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care standards, which meet Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating requirements. Meals are prepared using Standardized recipes.

Snacks (nourishments):

Nourishments are planned and prepared by the Dietary Department. Fluids are offered to each resident at 10:30 am. Daily snacks such as fruit juices, milk, cookies, muffins, pastries, cakes, cheese and crackers, and sandwiches are offered to every resident at 2:15 pm and at 7:30 pm. Foods and fluids are made available to supplement the resident’s daily intake.


A Clinical Dietician is available. Nutritional services include assessments, interventions and resident education. Supplements in addition to or in combination with meals will be provided if needed.


Breakfast: 8:30 am

Lunch: 12:00 pm

Supper: 5:00 pm

Foot Care:

is provided by a Foot Care specialist. This nurse comes to the facility weekly to provide foot care services at a fee for service rate. Residents requiring special foot care normally receive these services every 6 weeks or as needed.