Manitoulin Centennial Manor

Support Services


Volunteers are an essential component of the services offered to residents in Centennial Manor. We are always looking for family members and friends to become volunteers. Volunteers provide friendship, one to one interaction and involvement with community as well as contribute unique skills to the facility programs.

Volunteers are encouraged to be a part of the health care team. Their comments, interest and suggestions are valued. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the Activity Manager.

Resident Council:

Membership in Manitoulin Centennial Manor’s Resident Council is automatically conferred on all residents by virtue of living in the Home. Non-residents such as relatives, volunteers, local clergy, and service club members may become members of the Residents’ Council on the recommendation of the membership. Non- residents may also wish to join the Family Council. The Residents’ Council provides a forum through which comments and suggestions may be received from the residents. Projects can be initiated, recommendations made to administration and programs developed from these comments and suggestions. The council has an executive consisting of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

Business Office:

The Business Office is the communication centre of the Home. Outside telephone calls are received and relayed for the Business Office during normal working hours (8:30 am to 4:30 pm). If there is information, which you require, or someone you would like to speak to, feel free to go to the Business Office, and the staff will direct you to the appropriate individual, or may be able to answer your questions. Calls are not put through to the nurses during meal service.

Payment of Monthly Accommodations:

The Business Office staff will accept payment for accommodations. Accommodation payments are due on the first of each month. You can arrange to have pre authorized payments made to the home.

Laundry Services:

Each resident of Centennial Manor benefits from a Laundry Service, which processes personal clothing and linen in a safe and timely manner to meet the physical and personal care needs of each resident.The Laundry Department provides our residents with laundered personal clothing and a supply of clean, sanitized linen of good repair within a 24-48 hour turn around.

Personal Laundry – Admission:

During admission, laundry services and the labeling process for personal clothing are explained to residents and their families.

To prevent clothing from being lost, all articles will be labeled. Clothing to be labeled must be put into a plastic bag or suitcase, for the laundry aide to take to be labeled.

Housekeeping Services:

Resident rooms, common areas and public areas are cleaned daily to provide a sanitary and safe living/working environment. Floors are dust mopped and washed daily; floor care is carried out on a weekly floor maintenance program. Project cleaning is planned on weekly, monthly and annual routines. All residents are encouraged to utilize personal possessions (e.g. pictures, TV, radio, furniture) to make their rooms as “home-like” as possible. The use of earphones is encouraged for radios and TVs. All cleaning routines will be performed with the least possible amount of disruption to the residents.

If there is something that is not working in your room or you observe a similar situation outside your room, contact the Charge Nurse immediately.

The Charge Nurse will contact the Maintenance Department to investigate your concern. The Maintenance Department is also responsible for ensuring that all electrical equipment and/or appliances (new or old) meet safety regulations before they can be placed in your room for use.

If you have any electrical equipment/appliance, please give the equipment/appliance to the Charge Nurse for inspection by maintenance. To comply with fire safety standards, extension cords, plug adaptor, power bars and Christmas lights are not permitted in resident areas.

Activity Programs:

The Activity Department provides a variety of programs that recognize the residents’ physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

The department staff is usually available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays and on weekends. Examples of regularly scheduled activities include:

  • Group exercises
  • Intellectual games
  • Discussion groups
  • Music therapy, which includes sing along, entertainment from the community, easy listening tapes, ethnic programs.
  • Games that include cards, darts and bowling
  • Socials, which include happy hour, bingo, birthday parties, special events parties and religious services.

Some of these activities occur in the Activity Room on the main floor and many occur in the lounges on each floor.

Religious Services:

Our Pastoral Care Program has involvement from all denominations that have representatives in the community. Lay people and clergy are encouraged to visit those of their religions and any other resident who may request their visit. At all times, the wish of the resident and/or their family representative is respected.

Religious services include:

  • Church service – Various days
  • Mass every other week.
  • Special and seasonal services arranged as requested

The Activity Calendars, posted at the main entrance will also have a list of monthly scheduled religious services and programs.


Centennial Manor offers the services of an in house hairdresser and barber for the convenience of residents. Arrangements can be made to have regular hair treatments by contacting the Hairdressing Salon. Prices are posted in the Beauty Salon.

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